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Durango Psychic

Passed on from generation to generation, Patricia has over 40 years’ experience as a spiritual consultant, life coach, and psychic reader. Your spiritual journey begins here today.

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Durango Psychic has a vast number of services provided. With over 50 years’ experience in psychic readings and 40 years’ experience in spiritual consulting, Durango Psychic is your one stop shop for enlightenment.

Palm & Tarot Readings

Past, present, and future, your hands belong to an element. Discover yours today.

Aura Cleansing

Ritualistic bathing proceeds to clean your energy field.

Sand Readings

Art of Sand Reading is only known by a few. Discover what the sand holds for you.

Crystal Readings

Do a crystal reading to find your energy source.

Life Coaching

Wellness coaching helping individuals attain order and balance in their lives.

Spiritual Consulting

Counseling an individual’s spiritual journey and to find your inner spiritual energy.

Chakra Balancing

Energy healing that focuses on channeling energy into the seven chakras.

Psychic Readings

The attempt to gain information using natural abilities in senses.

Spiritual Meditation

Experience the true depths of who you are as a person.

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Soulmate Specialist: Reuniting love, relationships, and marriage. Come in and discover what the future has in store for you